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The 5 Pillars of a Successful Business Strategy created to give you a clear path to achievement based on our vast experience.  Through building each Pillar, your business is positioned for advancement.
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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Our clients say it all for us.

My instructor works with me, and lets me decide things for myself and he isn’t pushing me into decisions and he’s informing me on everything I need to know to become a successful business.

Michael "Al" Bodie Entrepreneur

Anna asked a few questions, listened to our response and immediately started to adapt our learning to achieve our immediate goal of making $$ as quickly as possible.

Marilyn & Dennis Talbot Entrepreneurs

We could not be more happy and excited about our learning progress!
For us, Success has already been achieved because we have learned so much thanks to our instructor Sabrina A.! She is so easy to understand and is extremely helpful in keeping you thinking about advancing our ideas and goals!
Thank you so much!!!

Jana & Peter Dallas Entrepreneurs

Each and every call from my instructor, Sabrina A. is excellent.

I have learned so much from her and she has got to be the most patient instructor there is.

She is most helpful and really doesn’t seem to get frustrated when I come up with my dumb questions.

What an awesome instructor she is !!

Frenchy Foret Entrepreneur

Regardless of my position in life, my coach is a persistent reinforcer of all things positive.

The personal encounter of the one-on-one is profoundly valuable. The coaching call takes the interaction from virtual to real.

I know the time a coach spends with each of his/her [clients] is costly to the coach. Each should know that the value is extraordinarily high.

Valerie Frazier Entrepreneur

Jared has been patient with us & answered questions we had & routed us to correct answers when we ‘thought’ we knew what we were doing.

Janet & Kenneth Woessner Entrepreneurs

Everyone is always helpful! I’m also grateful for the positive reinforcement!

Becky Clark Entrepreneur

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Grow Your Business With Confidence

We’ll help you with proven strategies.

Our experience means we know what you need, and how to implement it. Websites, funnels, payment integration, email drip… if you’re an entrepreneur, we can help.

We don’t recommend services, tools or methods that we haven’t tried out ourselves. You can be confident you are getting solid direction, and not lip-service.

We’ve been troubleshooting small business problems for ages, and we welcome any opportunity to help others solve the unique problems faced by entrepreneurs.

What Are The 5 Pillars?

  • When customers connect emotively – because they share the same values and beliefs of a brand – it leads to higher sales and better brand differentiation. It also leads to loyalty, advocacy and can even protect your price in times when competitors rely on promotional discounts to drive sales.
  • Review the product or service your business offers, pinpoint the space in the market it occupies and research the emotive and rational needs and concerns of your customers. Your brand character should promote your business, connect with your customer base and differentiate you in the market.
  • The success of a business stands on its sales funnel strategies. Without proper planning, long-term prosperity is hard to maintain.
  • Simply put, a sales funnel or sales process is the planned strategy narrowed and tested by analytical sorting for converting leads into paying customers.
  • Sales funnels work on attraction marketing, which means you aren’t getting pushy or using deceptive claims to get sales. Its a much more let-you-sleep-at-night marketing option!
  • Having a small business website isn’t just about selling your goods and services — it’s also about providing something of value to potential customers.
  • Your online presence also supports marketing campaigns, customer service, client relationship building, brand recognition, and almost every other element of the revenue stream. Combining your website with marketing tools, like email marketing, helps you reach new customers and generate repeat business.
  • Your clients/customers also expect you to have one, and you can show off testimonials!
  • Courses are an asset you can sell 24/7, increasing income without increased effort.
  • Courses establish authority in your field, and with increased credibility, it generates confidence which is an important component for the sales process.
  • Also included in this Pillar are membership sites, which allow you to charge recurring fees, such as a monthly subscription fee to access content. As such, you don’t have a ‘course’ but still provide resources and content your audience can use while still generating revenue!
  • Only 1% of your audience will be ready to buy right now. So, what do you do about the other 99%? You did a lot of work to get their attention, so it doesn’t make sense to ignore them.
  • Lead nurturing is about continuing to market to the people who have demonstrated an interest in your service/product, but aren’t ready to buy yet.
  • Email marketing, SMS marketing, social Groups, blogging, free online events like webinars and teleseminars are all options for nurturing a potential buyer into an actual buyer.

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