15 Mar 2019

Small Biz Social Media Marketing

We get it – when you’re starting your own business, you’re on a budget. But you absolutely should not neglect your marketing efforts just because money is tight for the time being. While you’ll ultimately want to optimize your branding and digital presence to make the most of your marketing campaigns in the digital world, a lot can be done to promote your brand via social media while you’re polishing up your website and planning your ad campaigns! 

Get Started

It can be easy to start your social media marketing – first create pages for your organizations. Choose the best platform(s) to have a presence based on where your audience is. For example, Facebook is a good choice, with 68% of American adults actively using it. Or, if you’re targeting a younger audience, Snapchat is a good platform to be active on, with 78% of American 18-24 year-olds using the platform. Take a look at these social media statistics to get a good idea of what percentage of your audience is just waiting to discover you on the various social media platforms!

Making Best Use of Social Media

It can be tempting to use social media as just another platform to broadcast your message. But if that’s all you’re doing with your social media activity, you’re missing out on big opportunities. Put the “social” in social media by actively engaging with and listening to your followers! This will allow you to create campaigns that resonate best with your customers and provide promotions, products and services that fit their needs. Additionally, you can use social media engagement to provide excellent customer service! Take some time to consider what you’ve seen from similar brands on social media, and what your audience responds to. Knowing what motivates your customers to engage on social media will ultimately result in a more successful marketing effort.

Organize and Plan

If you’re using social media as part of your marketing strategy plan – and, like we’ve said, you should! – treat it as such. Don’t just post willy-nilly. Consider why people are engaging with their favorite brands, what successful brands are doing, and, most importantly, what your own goals are. Keep these ways small businesses can improve their social media presence in mind when you’re building your social media marketing plan. And when in doubt, don’t try to do it all yourself – we can help! 

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01 Mar 2019

All About Landing Pages

You’ve seen landing pages before. These are destination pages that organizations and entities can link to directly via advertisements, emails or search results. So, what makes them different from the home page of a website? And is using a landing page really a good fit for you or your organization? Let’s take a closer look!

What Makes a Landing Page Different

Landing pages aren’t just another part of a website. Each landing page is developed to be a part of a marketing campaign. For instance, when an organization has a sale or a cause that they’re trying to promote, a landing page can be used to provide their audience with all of the details AND link back to their website or guide visitors to their brick-and-mortar location. Could the campaign lead back to the organization’s home page? Of course! But a page that has all of the details of the promotion and directions for how to take action is much more useful, and having this information on a separate page (instead of the website’s home page) saves the organization from an expensive and time consuming website overhaul. 

What else belongs on a landing page? Take a look at these 5 Essential Elements

What is a Landing Page Good For?

A landing page is different from a home page because it leads your audience to a special page with clear details and a call to action. What kind of campaigns can you use a landing page for? Here are some ideas: Generate leads with a sign-up form Sell products with coupons and clear calls to action Use forms to ask people to support your cause Invite prospective customers to download a free value-add item

Looking for more inspiration? Check out these great landing page examples!

Is a Landing Page Right for Me?

We’ve given some insight to what landing pages can be used for, and what makes a good landing page. If you develop a clear call to action in line with your goals, a landing page can be an essential part of any successful marketing campaign!

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