Custom Branding & Graphics

Chances are you need a logo… but branding goes so much deeper than that!

So many businesses don’t realize that if they do not have a professional brand and image, they don’t really have a professional business. A non-vector logo is no logo at all. Our Salt Lake City graphic and logo design team and company branding specialists delivers the excellence and attention to detail your brand deserves.

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You’ve EXPERIENCED the power of branding…but have you been the one to provide that experience?

Your business is your baby! We understand that it is an extension of you, your passion, blood, sweat, and tears. Your logo should not so easily be forgotten.

Company branding for your Salt Lake City business for us is second nature. After years of analyzing the top INC and Fortune 500 companies, as well as iconic brands from around the world, we have finally mastered the art.

Logos are just the start. Banners, backgrounds, custom icon packs, videos, and more…

While these visual elements are key to your business shining and standing out in the crowd, they are fun for us to perfect.

Not all brands are created equally…

Promo Videos, Custom Logos, Animation Videos, Whiteboard Videos, and Animated Banners are some of the hottest ways to make your brand stand out. If you are not using at least SOME of these concepts with your branding and graphics, then your brand is probably suffering.

If you are a brand new business, or just looking for a fresh face, our Salt Lake City graphic and logo design services are one of the most surefire ways to make a quick splash with your company.

Do you have a style guide defined for your business?

What is a style guide? It’s… well a sort of a guide for your businesses… style. Colors, fonts, layout demands, or any particulars about how your company should ever appear.

This will be a HUGE upgrade for your company. If you have ever wondered what color to use, what font to select, or how to make sure you simply ALWAYS look good… then you likely don’t already have one of these.

In all our Salt Lake City graphic and logo design packages we are working to create a unique, professional, and consistent brand by helping you define your style guide. Welcome to professionalism.


Hosting is an important decision.

Having a slick website doesn’t do you much good if it takes 15 seconds for the site to load. You also want to be able to get help when you need it, and be sure that the server you are sharing isn’t crammed with hundreds of other sites. There are other perks your hosting service can provide as well, such as email services so you can have a professional email address. If your hosting services charges for every perk, then you might want to switch to one that gives you those for free.


"If you are looking for a hosting company that does more than just hosting. You will not be disappointed, Michael and his team have the staff to complete your website, videos and help set up a game plan to win..."


"I have sincerely appreciated the quick response of the Entretek team. When I have issues with my website, they are ON IT! Several ways to contact them make it easy to get the problem fixed immediately!"


"Let’s put it this way... if you want to do big things and reach a lot of people with your business you NEED to find people that are great at doing things that you suck at..."


"If you need help with anything in your entrepreneurial pursuit these are the people you want to turn to. Their in-house team is amazing at helping you get noticed and helping you grow your business."


"...If it has to do with business and technology... these guys know a thing or two and can help you grow your business without breaking your bank!!!"

What we offer

Premium Web Hosting

Enjoy unlimited bandwidth, storage, & emails coupled with the best live support available. 

Custom Design & Development

Content is King! Our designers will leave you breathless and begging for more. Videos, Websites, Landing Pages, Logos, & More!

Elite Memberships & Discounts

We are on a mission to help start and grow as many small businesses as possible. Join our movement!

Social Media Content Management

Stay top of mind and omni-present! The more times you appear in front of your prospects, the more chances you have to convert.

Marketing & Advertising

We have competitive marketing packages to get you ads where they count. Certified Experts & Low Fees!

Search Engine Optimization

86% of our clients have beaten out their competitors for the first position on Google within 6 months. Your website ranking matters.

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