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We use a program called Zoho Assist to remotely connect to your computer to help support you. There are several ways we may initiate a support session where we remotely access your computer in order to assist you. This program has to download and run on your computer. Continue reading to learn more.

In Support Chat:

When you have initiated a support chat one of our team can request remote access which will ask you if you want to share your screen, click the link "Share Now".

Join Now in Chat

When you click the link it will start a download. 

At the end of a chat session with us, you get a transcript email to you! It will have the subject line of EntreTEK - Chat with [Name], if you need to reference it again for any reason.

Emailed Link:

If you are not in a chat, such as if you are expecting a call from us you may receive an email for a remote support session. First, you will receive an email from us with the subject line: EntreTek - Remote Support Session

Email Link

Click on the Join Session link to be redirected to a new window and start the download. 

Once you've started the download.

You will be direct to a new page and it will prompt you to allow the download. Click the checkbox and then "Open Zoho Assist" to run the program. It may take several seconds to begin downloading.

Download Page

After you click to open the program your computer may ask for permission to run the program, click yes to continue. Once you have run the program you will need to confirm again by clicking Join. 

Click Join

You will see a box appear in the bottom right corner which means you've connected! Any chat messages from us will appear above this box.

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