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“How do I find the money to start my business?”

It takes a special kind of drive, ambition, and vision to be an entrepreneur. Even if you have all the right skills, you still need capital to make your vision come to life. The number one question of most entrepreneurs is, “How do I find the money to start my business?” Acquiring funding for a startup can be frustrating. Banks will hardly give you the time of day, as start-up businesses are simply viewed as too high risk. We are different. Our mission is to assist entrepreneurs in financing their start-ups through innovative funding and credit building techniques. Our clients benefit from our team’s vast knowledge and experience that are vital in obtaining the cash credit lines needed to launch or grow a business.

Real people. Real stories.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

“When my paint contracting business needed additional working capital, we turned to Seed Capital to help us. I am pleased to say my business obtained $127,000 in credit lines and all the money was available to me in less than 3 weeks. I highly recommend Seed Capital and thank them for providing my business the opportunity to grow.”


- Nevada

“When my partners and I decided to self-fund our social networking startup, we were constantly having to choose what features to build and which we couldn’t afford just yet, severely limiting our ability to grow. With the help of Seed Capital we were able to raise $87,000 in working capital to fund new development and a detailed marketing plan while keeping full ownership of our business.”

- California

“My plaster and stucco business was limited to a maximum bid size of $25,000 by the State of Nevada Contractors Board. Seed Capital was able to secure $133,000 in credit lines allowing my business to qualify for jobs up to $250,000! Now I am able to bid on jobs 10 times the size! Thanks Seed Capital!”


- Nevada

“I received $97,000 in working capital for my wholesale clothing business and I am using my supply credit for shipments and sending catalogs. My business is growing like never before all because I took the time to work with Seed Capital and follow their plan. My revenues are now growing exponentially due to my ability to access the working capital I needed, when I needed it.”


- California

“As a Real Estate Investor, I wanted to take advantage of foreclosures and short sales, and I applied with Seed Capital and achieved over $215,000 in credit lines, most at 0% for 6-15 months. This has allowed me to purchase 5 additional properties with significant cash flow.”


- Nevada

“Let’s put it this way… if you want to do big things and reach a lot of people with your business you NEED to find people that are great at doing things that you suck at…”


Name Surname

- Utah

“If you need help with anything in your entrepreneurial pursuit these are the people you want to turn to. Their in-house team is amazing at helping you get noticed and helping you grow your business.”


- Utah

“…If it has to do with business and technology… these guys know a thing or two and can help you grow your business without breaking your bank!!!”


- Utah

“I have sincerely appreciated the quick response of the Entretek team. When I have issues with my website, they are ON IT! Several ways to contact them make it easy to get the problem fixed immediately!”


- Utah

“If you are looking for a hosting company that does more than just hosting. You will not be disappointed, Michael and his team have the staff to complete your website, videos and help set up a game plan to win…”


- Utah

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It is our mission is to assist entrepreneurs & small businesses in financing their start-ups through innovative funding and credit building techniques. Our clients benefit from our team’s vast knowledge and experience of funding solutions. We strive to connect every client with the financial resources needed to achieve a distinct and sustainable competitive advantage.

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