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Some of us aren’t social butterflies.

These days Salt Lake City social media marketing is a huge part of staying top of mind. We have pioneered a few ways that we can help.

  • Branded Media Content Creation
  • Social Media Content Management
  • Custom Written & Curated Blog Articles
  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Twitter, & More!

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Social media is now the number one way we connect with one another, talk about what we like, and share information.

It’s also the best way for entrepreneurs and businesses to get their products and services in front of clients. But knowing what, how, and when to post can be difficult and time consuming. Our Salt Lake City social media marketing team is the solution!

Simply, taking the time to curate and create your own content can be time consuming and challenging.

You have to choose your topics, setup your compelling headlines…

Then you need to source engaging images select the prefect copy…

Don’t forget you will want to post at the right time for your audience…

And all the while you’ll want to track and analyze how you can improve at each juncture…

STOP! Social Media doesn’t have to be a chore…

At EntreTEK we employ a team of Salt Lake City social media marketing and content creator experts, and have invested thousands into software, training, tools, and resources so that you don’t have to do this all alone. If you want to post once or twice a day, on one network, or many… we have options to help support you with your brand’s content.

Or you can continue to figure things out on your own. Meanwhile your social image may be suffering!

Don’t forget the marketability and sales potential.

Besides feeding your audience and helping them identify with you, your business, and your brand… how is social media content going to shape your business and drive sales?

Have you heard of the Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, or Re-marketing? 

What about Lookalike Audiences? Boosted posts?

These are all perks and benefits available to those who are utilizing content marketing correctly online and they WILL boost your bottom line.

Once your audience has seen or engaged in your content, they have been flagged for a multitude of follow up marketing options including showing them targeted ads, or helping make them aware of other products and pages after initial exposure to your pixel.


Social Media can make you, or break you. Don’t get left in the stone age!

The best, most consistently successful businesses are using social media to stay top of mind. How about you?


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What we offer

Premium Web Hosting

Enjoy unlimited bandwidth and storage, coupled with the best live support available. 

Content Creation

Content is King! Our in house creators will leave you breathless and begging for more. 

Custom Built Websites

If you build it they will come. Er, or if you can dream it we will build it for you! Ask how!

Sales Funnels

"Step into my funnel", says the words wealthiest entrepreneurs. Yeah, we make those too...

Ongoing Training & Education

We offer daily training and education opportunities to help your web presence and business grow.


Let's face it. This can be scary. That's where we come in.

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