05 Jun 2019
01 May 2019

Is Email Marketing That Important?

In a word – yes! Even with all of the advances in social-connectivity technology that we’ve seen since the advent of email, email marketing is still one of the most effective channels out there! And the latest and greatest technology allows for automation and other significant improvements in this method of getting messages to our customers. 


With more than half the world’s population using email, incorporating email messages into your marketing strategy allows you to cast a very wide net. And email doesn’t just reach a lot of people; email reaches people effectively! Approximately 77% of people would rather receive promotional content from brands via email than via SMS or social media platforms, and 30% of customers who are subscribed to a brand’s email marketing have purchased from the brand that they’re subscribed to. Want to know more about the effectiveness of email marketing? Check outthis collection of statistics!


When it comes to email marketing, sending emails is only step one. Careful planning and constant optimization is required to make your email messaging as successful as possible. Adding graphics and videos can increase both the open and click-through rate for your emails. You can also increase the chances of recipients opening the emails – and reduce getting your emails flagged as spam – by segmenting your recipients and using personalized subject lines and copy in the email body. Targeted emails are three times as likely to directly elicit action and gain revenue than generic marketing emails. And don’t forget to keep your emails mobile friendly – 49% of all emails sent are opened on a mobile device! If you’re looking for more information on how consumers interact with emails, check outthis infographic for user activity and ROI statistics.

With all the technology and information that is available, it’s natural to have questions about including emails in your marketing strategy. Try following these tips to optimize your email strategy!

Establishing outstanding email marketing is only one part of taking your marketing to the next level. Let’s talk about the goals and needs of your business. Visit our website to start a conversation with a FREE assessment!

01 Feb 2019

2 Ways To Eliminate Your Competition – It’s Easy!

Eliminating your competition is the easiest way to increase your chances of business success. And I don’t mean literally eliminate them, in the sense of doing something “bad” to them.

When I say eliminate, I mean … take them out of your prospect’s consideration set for your product or service category. Make it so your prospects ONLY think of your business, product or service when they are contemplating making a purchase. That way you get their business, instead of your competition making the sale.

What this means is if you sell widgets, you want your prospects to only think of your widgets when they are thinking of buying widgets. This is pretty easy to do if your business is not in a competitive industry.

But let’s suppose there are all kinds of businesses selling what you are selling, or filling the same consumer or business need you are filling.

How can you make sure your prospects ONLY think of you — and therefore only BUY from you — and not all those other companies?

Answer: By thoroughly understanding those competing businesses and then doing one of two things:

(1) Finding a position in the category you can own.

This will separate you from all the other businesses and will make you uniquely qualified in the eyes of your prospect to fill their need.

This usually requires finding a specific market niche you can focus on, or finding a specific product or service attribute or benefit, that is of value to your prospects, that none of your competitors can claim or are currently promoting.

This puts you in a class of your own and virtually eliminates the competition. No one does exactly what you do. Or in the quite the way you do it.

(2) By turning your competitors into “co-opitors.”

What the heck is a “co-opitor?” It is a competitor that you turn into a partner or a cooperator. Are there businesses or individuals with whom you could partner, with the idea of referring business to each other?

For example, a wellness coach could partner with a weight watchers clinic or a health club or a massage therapist. All of these practitioners are selling improved health and well being, but they can also be positioned as complementary services.

Or, let’s say you are a web site designer and you decide to focus primarily on working with small businesses (a market niche). You could create a partnership with another web site designer who has decided to focus on large corporations.

If you both agree to only take on business that fits your identified niche, and to refer business outside your niche to the partner, you both win.

You can partner with other businesses in your exact business in this manner, by identifying niches, by geographic area served, or by size or type of clients served.

And you can partner with businesses in different categories that fill a similar customer need by agreeing to work together to help each other get customers.

There is not a business out there that cannot effectively use one of these two strategies to significantly reduce their competition. So figure out which strategy fits your business best, and make it a priority to eliminate your competition this year.

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