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V Web Hosting is now a part of EntreTEK!




  • A Salt Lake City Business Development Company founded in 2001 which currently has over 15,000 members in their flagship program, The Entrepreneur Advantage. Start, Build, Grow.

High Performance Web Hosting

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Content Manangement

Custom Design & Development

Elite Memberships & Discounts

Marketing & Advertising

As of October 2019 all V Web Hosting Accounts have been acquired by EntreTEK.

Please Note: If you had previously setup Auto Pay on your account, you will need to login to update that on in order to keep your website and domain active! Learn More

Of course all the quality products, prices, and service you have come to love will only improve as we connect with each of you and continually implement your feedback.

We are actively seeking to help each of your websites grow and improve in speed, quality, and sales conversions depending on your goals!

Please let us know how we can ever assist.

Our mission is to support entrepreneurs and…

If everyone lived their best life… their best selves… and did what they were called to do… what would the world be like? 

Our mission is to help eliminate world poverty through supporting and encouraging entrepreneurs. We do so by eliminating the struggle about what to do, how to do it, and that scary thing called technology when you are all alone working in or on a business.

With our support and service to “take care of” the technical heavy lifting and our mastermind coaching to support peer and group coaching, we are able to see businesses start and grow faster than ever before.

We are so much more than a hosting company. We are a team of business development specialists. 


Let's talk. Together, we can find a solution that works for you and your business.

Questions? Feedback?
Drop us a line and let us help.

It all gets better from here… a little more about how we are going to help.

When considering what company to host your website or webstore with, we know you have a ton of companies to choose from and a world of different price options too.  But what set’s us apart from all the others is our ability to help you at ever step of the way.

You see we can relate to what it’s like starting, building, and growing a business… especially using the internet. That’s why we have put together an entire suite of tools, resources, and support to help you understand the fastest path to greater success in your business.

If you are unsure about what is slowing you down, holding you back, or preventing the massive results you are looking for, look no further, EntreTEK has what you need to take those next steps confidently.

Business coaching and consulting is a necessary part of every success story…

Many business coaches can help in multiple areas, from those just starting out, to those that are looking to take their small business to the next level. Look for the ones that you feel connected to, coaches that you resonate with. While your success will be the result of your own hard work and diligence, a business coach that you genuinely like will definitely help make the work easier, and you will feel more supported and understood.

The most successful people continue to look for business coaches even as their businesses grow because they know that the experience and connection is invaluable to their continued success. A business coach isn’t a substitute for your own persistence, consistency and follow-through, but their direction can ensure that your hard work produces more success than it would have without their guidance.

And done-for-you services are sometimes necessary…

Many business owners set out to learn how to do everything… after my own heart. But sometimes that simply is NOT what is best for them and their business. Sometimes they should simply focus on their particular role or area of genius before spreading themselves to thin or committing themselves to tasks they cannot do, or do well.

That is why we have pioneered one of the first companies to have not only hosting, coaching, online courses, group masterminds, group training, but also done for you design, development, and marketing… all in one place. So again you need only reach out and we are here to help.

Welcome to EntreTEK and please let us know how we can serve.

Thank you.

Michael Chandler

CEO & Lead Coach

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