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Terms & Conditions for Weekly Website Giveaway

Last Updated on November 7th, 2020

Congratulations on finding our Weekly Website Giveaway!

Our goal with this campaign is to reach as many small businesses, startups, and companies desiring growth as possible. Why? Because we are on a mission to help eliminate world poverty through entrepreneurship!!

We have designed this contest to be simple and effective for both parties. That being said, we only have a few conditions.

1. Powered by EntreTEK must remain in the footer of your new site but it will contain your affiliate link to earn 10% on all your future referrals.

2. New or Returning Customers Only! No active products or services already. Because if you’re already working with us, we likely have something better in store for you. 😉

3. Monthly or a discounted Yearly Hosting will be invoiced 45 days after launch of the new site. You will get the option of selecting inside your EntreTEK.com account after the release of your hosting account.

4. You can only win once! Seems obvious we want to give as many people a chance to win as possible!

5. If you do not win THIS week. You will remain in the list to potentially win each following week.

6. Drawings for winners will take place each Friday Morning and will be announced inside the Facebook Group, Email Lists, as well as the EntreTEK.com Blog.

7. Because we are providing this service free of charge, the website/landing page provided will be a basic design by nature. It WILL be custom to your needs/goals, and we WILL upload content that you provide. Additionally, any design/development reasonably considered more than basic can always be negotiated at the time your project begins.

Ultimately, we want to create a fun and exciting experience for entrepreneurs all over the world. After all, our goal is to make a positive impact in lives using small business.

Thank you again for participating and may the odds forever be in your favor.

EntreTEK Solutions