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You owe it to yourself to establish a website.

Building a professional site for your handyman business is one of the most significant things you can do for the growth of your company.

Not only will it build credibility and trust with potential clients, it can also pull in new clients while you sleep. 

If done correctly, it will payoff big time – making the difference between struggling to find customers and having a fully booked schedule.

Are you ready for a website that will make your business shine?

You can build one yourself, or you can hire someone.

Building one yourself might seem like a cost-effective option, but with the time it takes to learn a builder, and do the research on hosting options, speedtests, mobile optimization, and then implement all the information, you will find that its more expensive to build a website yourself.

A good web developer can create a professional-looking site, optimize it for mobile viewing, ensure that all the buttons and links are working properly, and help your business or brand stand out. From there, you can further develop your site if you decide to in the future, or start using a website to create landing pages, drive traffic, and increase your following right away. There is a lot of flexibility to a website, and it can grow at the pace you set.



Web development is an important part of any business venture.

Invest in a good web developer and you’ll be reaping the rewards for a long time. Let professionals take care of your website, while you focus on what you love: building your business or brand, and making a difference while making a living.


"If you are looking for a hosting company that does more than just hosting. You will not be disappointed, Michael and his team have the staff to complete your website, videos and help set up a game plan to win..."


"I have sincerely appreciated the quick response of the Entretek team. When I have issues with my website, they are ON IT! Several ways to contact them make it easy to get the problem fixed immediately!"


"Let’s put it this way... if you want to do big things and reach a lot of people with your business you NEED to find people that are great at doing things that you suck at..."


"If you need help with anything in your entrepreneurial pursuit these are the people you want to turn to. Their in-house team is amazing at helping you get noticed and helping you grow your business."


"...If it has to do with business and technology... these guys know a thing or two and can help you grow your business without breaking your bank!!!"

What we offer

Premium Web Hosting

Enjoy unlimited bandwidth, storage, & emails coupled with the best live support available. 

Custom Design & Development

Content is King! Our designers will leave you breathless and begging for more. Videos, Websites, Landing Pages, Logos, & More!

Elite Memberships & Discounts

We are on a mission to help start and grow as many small businesses as possible. Join our movement!

Social Media Content Management

Stay top of mind and omni-present! The more times you appear in front of your prospects, the more chances you have to convert.

Marketing & Advertising

We have competitive marketing packages to get you ads where they count. Certified Experts & Low Fees!

Search Engine Optimization

86% of our clients have beaten out their competitors for the first position on Google within 6 months. Your website ranking matters.

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